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Consultant/Vendeur pour Organisations à buts non lucratifs

Dernière mise à jour : 18 déc. 2014 02:56:58


ngojobsonline.com is a job-seeking website designed exclusively for the NGO sector. The site uses an innovative hubbing approach whereby job posts are not only listed on ngojobsonline.com, but also distributed to up to 9 other recruitment sites and job boards. All of the hub sites either have specific NGO search categories, or they are devoted to humanitarian and environmental issues. This allows NGOs to reach a broad - yet relevant - job seeking audience.

Employers pay only once to list their jobs on ngojobsonline.com and its hubbing partner sites, allowing NGOs to tap into global distribution in a cost effective manner.

For job seekers, ngojobsonline.com serves as a comprehensive NGO job site. Instead of weeding through general job sites and newspapers to look for vacancies within the NGO sector, ngojobsonline.com presents job seekers with only those positions relevant to their desired careers. And it's 100% free of charge: no hidden membership fees, no premium membership or upgrade offers; each job seeker has total access to all jobs posted on the site.

Annonces de ngojobsonline.com

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  • Volunteer to assist Fighting with the Poor - Stage

    Dernière mise à jour :
    16 déc. 2014
    Zone géographique :
    Ilha de Moçambique, Nampula, Mozambique
    Description :
    In our programs you will be training skills both for the purpose of development work in Africa and India, and also to be able to act towards some of the big ch...
  • Public health expert as Country Coordinator and Project Manager - Emploi

    Dernière mise à jour :
    16 déc. 2014
    Zone géographique :
    Masvingo, Masvingo Province, Zimbabwe
    Description :
    Purpose of the position: • Direct the SolidarMed country program for Zimbabwe and steer its implementation and further development • Coordinate and link with pa...
  • Conservation Education Manager - Emploi

    Dernière mise à jour :
    15 déc. 2014
    Zone géographique :
    South Luangwa, Lusaka Province, Zambie
    Description :
    A vacancy will become available for the Conservation Education Manager for Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust on 1st April 2014. Chipembele is a charitable tru...

Volet d'activités de ngojobsonline.com

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Organisations de ngojobsonline.com

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Contacts de ngojobsonline.com

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    Dominik Legault image

    Dominik Legault

    Zone géographique :
    Rockland, ON, Canada
    Autres informations :
    Angela Rivera image

    Angela Rivera

    Zone géographique :
    Los Angeles, CA, US
    Autres informations :
    Premananda Biswal image

    Premananda Biswal

    Zone géographique :
    Bhubaneswar, Orissa, Inde
    Autres informations :
    Riya girotra image

    Riya girotra

    Zone géographique :
    Faridabad, Haryana, Inde
    Autres informations :
    Adhérent ou étudiant
    Mauricio Flores image

    Mauricio Flores

    Zone géographique :
    Winston-Salem, NC, US
    Autres informations :
    tamrat robi image

    tamrat robi

    Zone géographique :
    addis ababa, Oromiya Region, Éthiopie
    Autres informations :
    katie jeffery image

    katie jeffery

    Zone géographique :
    Hoboken, NJ, US
    Autres informations :
    Adhérent ou étudiant
    Craig McIntosh image

    Craig McIntosh

    Zone géographique :
    Burradoo, NSW, Australie


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