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Amigos de Iracambi

Association ou organisation à but non lucratif

Dernière mise à jour : 31 mai 2011 13:38:59


Work with us on the cutting edge of conservation and sustainability to make the conservation of the Rainforest more attractive than its destruction.

One of Conservation International's top five global biodiversity hot spots, the conservation of the Atlantic Rainforest is in a critical condition. For over 500 years this rich source of biological wealth has been under attack, and despite government measures to preserve it, deforestation continues. Local smallholders are caught in a vicious circle of poverty whereby they are forced to cut more forest to enlarge their unproductive croplands in order to feed their families.

But all is not lost! Amigos de Iracambi is one of a number of small non profits working to conserve the priceless resources of the forest while improving the economic situation of the local people. Our researchers and volunteers work with the local community to better understand the factors that lead to forest degradation and restoration-saving forests, changing lives.

Our current programs focus on:

Managing natural resources:
participatory rural assessments of local land use, biological inventories, monitoring biological indicators,GIS.

Restoring forests:
forest corridors, agroforestry, forest nursery.

Generating sustainable incomes:
payment for environmental services, community based ecotourism.

We are looking for enthusiastic, flexible, self-motivated people who really want to make a real contribution to our endeavour.

We have an international outlook but a local output and we welcome people from around the globe to join us and help us do our part.

Volet d'activités de Amigos de Iracambi

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Organisations de Amigos de Iracambi

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  • Roots of Success image

    Roots of Success

    Zone géographique :
    Berkeley, CA, US
    Autres informations :

Contacts de Amigos de Iracambi

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    OFFICIO e Ambiente - Inovar image

    OFFICIO e Ambiente - Inovar

    Zone géographique :
    Campinas, Estado de São Paulo, Brésil
    Autres informations :
    Mares Anderson-Duggan image

    Mares Anderson-Duggan

    Zone géographique :
    Saint Paul, MN, US
    Autres informations :
    Robin Le Breton image

    Robin Le Breton

    Zone géographique :
    Rosário da Limeira, Estado de Minas Gerais, Brésil
    Autres informations :


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0055 31 32 312756
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032 3722 4909
Adresse :
Amigos de Iracambi, Fazenda Iracambi, Rosario da Limeira, Estado de Minas Gerais, 36878-000, Brésil
Date de fondation :


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