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Inter Parish Ministry

Association ou organisation à but non lucratif

Dernière mise à jour : 18 déc. 2014 03:44:37


Inter Parish Ministry is a nonprofit, ecumenical organization that seeks to share the love of Jesus Christ by serving others. IPM utilizes the resources of our network of churches, businesses, communities and volunteers to fulfill our mission which is:

To provide food, clothing and other communal support to those in need and to empower clients with information, support and services to improve their lives.

In short, we are a small non-profit agency that runs a choice food pantry, clothing pantry, elder ministry (bingo game and music at an area nursing home), back to school backpacks, Benefit Bank enrollment assistance, Christmas Adopt-A-Family program, and a holiday toy store. We help our neighbors in need here in Ohio from Eastern Hamilton County and all of Clermont County and serve anywhere from 350-550 families per month with food and clothing. We rely completely on donations from organizations, individuals, churches and events to keep food and personal care products on our shelves.

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    Carol Rountree image

    Carol Rountree

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    Cincinnati, OH, US
    Lindsey Ein image

    Lindsey Ein

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    Cincinnati, OH, US
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    candace conaway image

    candace conaway

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    lithonia, GA, US
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    Claire Long image

    Claire Long

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    cincinnati, OH, US


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