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Introducing [wvpkenya.org.uk]

WVP Kenya is a community-based non-governmental organisation focused on empowering youth in Western Kenya and giving them a fair start to life. We do so through education, sports, youth clubs, social protection schemes and capacity building of communities and grassroots organisation who have proven themselves to support youth in difficult circumstances. WVP is run by young people, with young people and for young people. We apply the highest ethical standards to ensure we do good and do no harm through our presence. For more information:

Our Vision
"To give children and youth of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Kenya a fair start to life through community capacity building, health enhancing activities and education"

Our Approach
WVP builds long-term partnerships with community based organisations, and treats all its partners as equals to create relationships built on trust. We look to empower the communities we serve, and make our resources go further by creating a lasting, not transitive difference. We always work in a culturally sensitive way and work within cultural norms and avoid imposing change.



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