The Youth Resource Center of Guria

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The Youth Resource center of Guria is ...
...founded on a vision...

The Youth Resource center of Guria will lead the way in finding innovative solutions that create positive change in youth, family and community life. fulfill a mission...
The mission of the Youth Resource center of Guria is to develop responsible youth and strengthen families through comprehensive community-based programs of counseling, youth development, prevention and partnerships.
...through a unique approach...
The Youth Resource center of Guria provides programs that meet the wide array of ever changing needs of adolescents and their families, and helps youth seeking to develop life skills and have an active role in the community. We work hard to raise civic awareness amongst the youth of Guria, to protect the rights of the children and youth, to support the development of the youths' creative potential, to help them develop the emotional, cognitive, and social assets they need to prevent or overcome behavioral and attitudinal problems. As we instill these assets, we equip youth with the tools and the resiliency they need to become healthy and responsible members of the community.




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Chavchavadze st. #3, Ozurgeti, Géorgie

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