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TeenAIDS-PeerCorps (TA-PC) is an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to encouraging youths to prevent HIV/AIDS among their generation, directly on the streets, and through social media. We are the only organization in the world to bring live, public HIV testing to teens wherever they gather. We host the oldest and empathetic website for advice on teen HIV/AIDS issues ("Ask Dr. John," since 1994). Our Mission Statement reads in part: "It is the human right of all maturing adolescents to have full and honest access to medically accurate facts about the sexual transmission of HIV. Empowered peer volunteers make the most convincing messengers." College interns take major responsibility to lead this effort. Now TA-PC is taking the unprecedented step in achieving the ultimate social media experiment by moving its global operations to a tiny coral atoll in the middle of the Pacific Ocean where indigenous teens will be educated at the free school "Atoll Academy." They will learn by assisting our Harvard-trained Director, Dr. John Chittick, in running the non-profit to show adolescents can use social media and the Internet to solve health problems.



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