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Habitat Young Professionals Seattle

Association ou organisation à but non lucratif

Dernière mise à jour : 11 oct. 2013 16:03:37


About HYP

HYP is aimed at mobilizing Seattle area young professionals to aid Habitat for Humanity Seattle/South King County's mission to eliminate poverty housing. By combining time, resources and talents; HYP aims to help address the region's need for affordable housing. In King County, only 20% of the housing stock is affordable to households below 80% of area median income. Habitat for Humanity is changing this: since 1986, Habitat for Humanity of Seattle/South King County has completed over 150 homes in partnership with area families.

Seattle has a very diverse population of socially conscious young professionals who share a common desire to give back to the community. HYP brings resourceful young professionals together through coordinated fundraising, marketing, volunteerism, community involvement, and social networking events. This motivated group of volunteers impacts Habitat not only in the present, but for generations to come by cultivating lifelong donors and developing future leaders within its ranks.

Habitat and HYP strive to provide affordable housing not only locally but globally as well. Ten percent of funds raised for Habitat for Humanity Seattle/South King County are tithed to support Habitat for Humanity's international home building efforts. Since Habitat reach is global, HYP is working to provide opportunities to attend habitat builds domestically as well as internationally through global village trips.

Get Engaged Today! HYP offers plenty of volunteer, leadership, advcoacy and social opportunities.

  • Participate in HYP's Monthly Build Day. Swing a hammer and see what volunteers can achieve in a single day.
  • Socialize at our many Happy Hour and Fundraising Events. Get to know new people and places all around Seattle.
  • Develop a Network. HYP connects you with other YP groups to make a bigger difference.
  • Gain Leadership Skills on HYP Committees. HYP can be what we make it, bring your ideas and see it to fruition.

HYP Encourages all levels of participation. We know young professionals have a lot of skills and talents, let us know your interests and we'll help target an opportunity for you.


Recently, Young Professional groups have developed as extensions of many established non profits and as independent organizations meant to engage young professionals in community building. The first Habitat Young Professionals groups started at the Austin and Cincinnati Habitat for Humanity Affiliates. Seattle HYP was the brainchild of Seattle/South King County Habitat Board Member, Brian Chung. In 2006, a UW graduate student conducted a feasibility study for Brian's idea and recommended the formation of Seattle HYP. Since 2008, the Steering Committee have been meeting to create a fun and social environment for Young Professionals to get involved in Habitat.

Annonces de HYP

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  • Habitat Young Professionals Social Events Committee Member - Mission bénévole

    Dernière mise à jour :
    5 août 2014
    Zone géographique :
    Seattle, WA, US
    Description :
    Habitat Young Professionals ("HYP") is aimed at mobilizing Seattle area young professionals to aid Habitat for Humanity Seattle-King County in their mission to ...

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    Rachel Payne image

    Rachel Payne

    Zone géographique :
    Seattle, WA, US
    Autres informations :
    Fan, Bénévolat
    Jessica Kolstad image

    Jessica Kolstad

    Zone géographique :
    Seattle, WA, US
    Autres informations :
    Seattle HYP image

    Seattle HYP

    Zone géographique :
    Seattle, WA, US


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Seattle, WA, 98006, US
Date de fondation :
Jan 2006


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