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Face Forward

Association ou organisation à but non lucratif

Dernière mise à jour : 12 déc. 2012 04:54:51



We are art advocates because we are people advocates. We advocate the spread of arts experience across barriers, cultural or otherwise, because when we share our art, we share our humanity

Face Forward supports the community by supporting local artists.

Face Forward supports local artists by ….

1) Engaging them in a socially conscious community
2) Providing unique performance opportunities
3) Exposing their work via online promotion and photo/video production
4) Compensating them for shows
5) Creating growth and networking opportunities

Face Forward strives to achieve its mission by partnering with community-based organizations in the Twin Cities metro, booking customized shows in non-traditional locations, hiring exclusively local talent, and creating high-quality media that showcases local performing arts.


Founded in October 2009, Face Forward has planned, promoted, and hosted a wide array of multidisciplinary performing arts shows in the Twin Cities. Using small, intimate settings of shoe stores, office spaces, and coffee shops to large spaces in venues like First Ave, Patrick's Cabaret, and the Old Arizona Theater, Face Forward has worked with local performing artists to book high quality performing arts for the organizations they work with.

We have raised money, awareness, and donations for international and local organizations: Global Fund for Women The CAVE trust fund in India Brian Coyle Community Center Youth Farm and Marketing Project Sharing and Caring Hands Minnesota Food Share Toys for Tots People Serving People Canvas Youth Center

We have booked shows/artists for: Summerset Music Festival, Project Earth Festival, East Side Arts Council, CAPI USA, Kidventure, Corepower Yoga, Holiday Inn University of Saint Thomas, We International Inc., Macalester College, Linden Hills Farmers Market.

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