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Dernière mise à jour : 10 déc. 2012 17:31:47

7 déc. 2012 20:56:17
Econexion a dit
Dreaming big!



Econexión is the network of sustainability organizations in Costa Rica. We build the capacity of organizations working toward environmental conservation, social justice, and economic equity by providing infrastructure, models, and training for online collaboration.


WE BELIEVE THAT - TOGETHER - WE CAN SAVE THE WORLD. Together, we can change how sustainable development organizations collaborate. We will become a network that benefits organizations and social businesses by increasing cooperation, collaboration, and building capacity within these diverse entities. Specifically, we will provide the online infrastructure, in-person discussions and trainings that support collaboration. We envision the field of sustainability becoming more unified, with the growth of more interdisciplinary projects facilitated through online collaboration, thereby fortifying relationships.


  • Human Relationships: strengthen and enrich personal connections
  • Collaboration: together we can achieve more
  • Democracy: seek and integrate member opinions
  • Sustainability as people, planet, prosperity: engage and reflect on the goals of sustainability
  • Transparency: value openness with goals, missions, and our platform


We seek to engage organizations, social enterprises, small and micro-businesses and experts who work in the fields of sustainability. This includes and is not limited to: organic farmers, professional associations, activist organizations, micro-businesses with social missions, and professors at universities. At this point, our members are located primarily in Costa Rica. Eventually, the network will broaden to include other countries in the Americas.

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    Econexion a dit Dreaming big!
    7 déc. 2012 20:56:17

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