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Teach For All

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Teach For All is a global network of independent social enterprises that promote educational opportunity by enlisting their nations' future leaders to teach for two years in their highest-need communities and become lifelong leaders for educational excellence and equity. The network's potential is evident in the impact of its founding members, Teach For America in the United States and Teach First in the United Kingdom. Both programs have demonstrated a significant impact on student achievement outcomes and educational reform in their countries, propelling changes that have improved students' opportunities for success, particularly for those who have been historically underserved. The early successes of new programs in other countries around the world – from Peru to Lebanon to India and China –indicate that the model can be successfully adapted to other contexts. Teach For All's mission is to expand educational opportunity internationally by increasing and accelerating the impact of the partnering social enterprises in our network. We achieve this by providing direct support services and fostering a powerful network among the enterprises and their participants, with the goal of maximizing the organizations' scale, impact on student achievement and alumni leadership, and organizational strength. Based on growing interest worldwide, we anticipate the network could include more than organizations in more than 40 countries by 2015.
We are committed to building a diverse and inclusive organization that inspires individuals of all backgrounds – across nationalities, races, ethnicities, religions, political views, economic backgrounds, sexual orientations, physical disabilities, languages, ages, genders and prior experiences – to bring their full selves to the work of ensuring educational opportunity for all. In order to maximize our effectiveness in fulfilling Teach For All's mission, we also feel it is important to focus on increasing representation and inclusiveness with respect to two dimensions in particular; we prioritize diversity of geography and nationality because this can help us quickly understand and connect with the diverse cultures and geographies of the world. We also prioritize increasing the representation and inclusiveness of team members who themselves have experienced the inequities we're working to address.

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  • KIPP Foundation image

    KIPP Foundation

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    San Francisco, CA, US
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    Tyshay Allen image

    Tyshay Allen

    Zone géographique :
    Maryland, MD, US
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    Xiao Wang image

    Xiao Wang

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    Nashville, TN, US
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    Roberta Hirschbuehler image

    Roberta Hirschbuehler

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    Auburn, AL, US
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    Jing Jia image

    Jing Jia

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    Stanford, CA, US
    Rachel Landers image

    Rachel Landers

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    New York, NY, US
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    Jaron Newton image

    Jaron Newton

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    Manchester, NH, US
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    Cheryl image


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    New York, NY, US
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