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Spring Of Hope Uganda

Association ou organisation à but non lucratif

Dernière mise à jour : 13 sept. 2011 09:26:36


Spring of Hope is a community-based rehabilitation non- profit organisation for children with disabilities in local communities of Uganda. We currently work with 500 children and their families in the areas of education, physiotherapy, medical, sensitisation and income generating projects. Our aim is to see that these children are able to reach their true potential. Before the work of Spring of Hope began, disabled children were being abused, locked away and tied up due to the stigma of having a child who is disabled.

We will become a successful organisation when children with disabilities are accepted into all areas of community and family life in Uganda.

Spring of Hope is based in Kayunga district, Kangulumira Sub-county. We started the programme in August 2004, and the services extend to the neighbouring districts due to the need required.

Our programs

  • Monthly rural assessment clinics
  • Free epilepsy medication
  • Education sponsorships
  • Routine Home visits / follow-ups.
  • Child Nutrition support
  • Training of Teachers and parents on special needs.
  • Income generating activities.


  • Enable the child to reach their full potential in development and independence.
  • Support the parents to value their child for who they are.
  • Educate the community to understand and accept the needs of the children.
  • Provide and facilitate assessment and access to treatment, corrective surgery and equipment.

We are a registered non profit organisation in the UK and in Uganda

UK Charity Reg.No.1143559, UG Reg No. 29/2011

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    Zone géographique :
    Kampala-Uganda, UG.102, Ouganda
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Contacts de SOHUG

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Adresse e-mail :
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Site web :
Numéro de téléphone :
+256 (0)782539554
Adresse :
P.O BOX 1153, JINJA, Kangulumira, UG.112, Ouganda
Date de fondation :
July 2004


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