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Whole Whale is a company focused on leveraging technology to increase impact for nonprofits.

Build a technology and data culture for nonprofits

Companies have it easy when it comes to the web. They sell a widget, promote how it is either cheaper, better, or faster than the competitor's widget and repeat. Not-for-profits in contrast must sell an idea, an emotion, a story. They must convince a person to exchange money or their time to support a cause.

Whole Whale relishes this challenge and only takes on organizations or companies that are after a social good (because it is simply more fun). Through data analysis, web optimization, digital advertising support, and training, we build a Data Culture within every organization we work with.



Date de fondation : 2010

Numéro d'identification : 27-3830558

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Site(s) web:
wholewhale.com powerpoetry.org

Numéro de téléphone : 2012309705

Adresse :
150 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11231, US

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