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Created in 2006, What's Your Impact was formed by a group of international environmental activists and is based in Montreal, Canada.

At What's Your Impact, our efforts are concentrated to create awareness about the serious issue of climate change and how everyone can help fight it. We focus on providing information and tools to help people recognize their impact and encourage them to take action. This includes a variety of educational materials about climate change, greenhouse gases, global warming and carbon footprints using our Greenhouse Gas Emissions Calculator, amongst others.


WYI's has 3 main goals:

  1. Facilitating access to information on climate change and solutions to help fight it.
  2. Find and apply new solutions to global warming that are green yet practical.
  3. Catalyze people to start taking or to take bigger steps in helping the environment.

Environmental consciousness has to be actively built, and we strive to provide educational institutions, businesses, governmental organizations and most importantly regular citizens with the needed material to make informed choices on how they can help fight climate change and global warming.


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