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The Rural Enterprises Technical Assistance Services(RETAS) is a grassroot non governmental organisation (NGO) with a project coordinating office in Cameroon,the administrative office in Sweden and the Europe liaison contacts in Germany and Britain. The objectives of RETAS are:
- To assist rural economic organisations achieve their socio-economic goals by providing training, marketing advisory and produce quality control.
- To promote rural health care services and counsel youths and women groups on health issues like malaria, sanitation, HIV/AIDS and other health issues.
- To organise rural credit schemes to micro finance or mobilise capital.
- To promote environmental protection and sustainable development.
- To promote computer literacy, and the empowerment of the youths and women.
- To act as a liaison between funding organisations and rural communities, by presenting development projects and sourcing for funding of such projects to eradicate poverty in the rural communities, to meet the millenium development goals.
Poverty is a man made economic problem, due to bad governance,the inequitable distribution of economic resources and natural disasters. If these resources are redistributed from the haves to the have not and sustainably managed for the benefit of the rural population, then I hope we shall meet the challenges of the millenium development goals. This is the main ambition of RETAS, to move resources from the haves to the needy.




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