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American Red Cross in New York State AmeriCorps Programs

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Dernière mise à jour : 13 juil. 2012 13:51:51


The American Red Cross in New York State is proud to be the host site of two AmeriCorps programs: The American Red Cross State Preparedness Corps and the American Red Cross National Preparedness Response Corps.

The American Red Cross State Preparendess Corps (ARCSPC) is an AmeriCorps State program with members located at Red Cross chapters across New York State. ARCSPC AmeriCorps members work within the community to provide community disaster education trainings, such as Be Red Cross Ready and Ready When the Time Comes. Members also work to support Red Cross chapters before, during and after disasters strike by: recruiting and training volunteers to assist in disaster response; preparing chapter resources and increasing response capabilities; participating in local disaster repsonses through sheltering, client casework, logistics or mass care; and participating in disaster after action events to assist in improving future Red Cross disaster responses.

Serving alongside paid and volunteer staff, members will provide direct service to clients of the American Red Cross through the accomplishment of National Preparedness & Response Corps (NPRC) goals and objectives. Members will complete projects that enhance organizational service delivery and expand community resources while developing their professional skill base throughout the region they serve. NPRC is designed to support the Red Cross goal of increasing community resilience by helping individuals and communities prevent, prepare for, respond to, and recover more quickly from disasters. Specifically, NPRC members will accomplish this by engaging in Community Disaster Education and other innovative preparedness and planning activities; responding to local and national disaster incidents through the DSHR and local/regional disaster response systems; building the region's capacity by recruiting and supporting disaster preparedness and response volunteers; broadening response capacity into new or underserved geographic regions; and developing an ethic of service, as well as personal and professional skills of AmeriCorps members during their term of service with the American Red Cross.

For more information on ARCSPC, please contact Lauren Putney at lputney@dhses.ny.gov; for more information on NPRC, please contact Tom Lindberg at tlindberg@dhses.ny.gov.

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