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Youth for Understanding (YFU) - New England

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Dernière mise à jour : 18 mai 2012 16:23:11


Youth for Understanding is a leader in student exchange with more than 225,000 students participating in international exchange programs since 1951. YFU USA is part of a global exchange network of over 60 partner organizations around the world and with nearly 1,400 YFU representatives in communities across the United States.


Youth For Understanding (YFU) prepares young people for their responsibilities and opportunities in a changing, interdependent world.


Youth For Understanding offers youth exchange programs for students ages 15-18 from around the world to live with a volunteer host family, immerse themselves in the local culture, and form friendships that bring countries together. As these young people discover new worlds and become part of a community in another country, they not only learn about another culture and language, they also gain perspective on the world and develop a stronger sense of self.

YFU volunteers are typically the primary YFU contact within the community. Volunteers support students, families, programs, and other volunteers in a wide variety of ways. From conducting student orientations to making classroom presentations, problem solving with international students and their host families to arranging social activities, there is truly a place for everyone with YFU. Whether you're a former exchange student yourself, a parent, a retired person, or a college student - we welcome people of all backgrounds to work with us. Whatever your skills and interests, there is a volunteer opportunity to match!

YFU host families are a special kind of YFU volunteer! Hosting a YFU international exchange student is an enriching experience for you and the entire family. By opening your home and heart to a student from overseas, you and your family gain a new global perspective, many memories, and - quite possibly - a new family member for life! Host families have many different faces, and are all part of the American experience. Whether or not you have children, you can be a host family. If you and your family are willing to open yourselves to new experiences, share your lives with a fascinating teenager from a foreign land, and provide guidance, love, and support to a young person beginning their journey into adulthood, then perhaps hosting a student for a summer, semester, or year is for you!

If you don't see a current opportunity listed, please contact us, as we are always accepting applications. Online applications are available on our website www.yfu-usa.org. Or contact us at 1-866-493-8872 (toll free).

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