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The Committee of Seventy fights for clean and effective government, fair elections and a better informed citizenry in Philadelphia and the region.

The Committee of Seventy began as a handful of committed civic leaders.
Today, we are so many more. Our diverse volunteer leaders hail from prominent businesses, law firms, and nonprofit organizations. They give their time, expertise, and influence to promote political integrity and better services for citizens.

Seventy works effectively because of everyone involved, from the leaders - the clout they bring and the doors they open - to the people at the grass roots. Citizens from every walk of life give Seventy's voice its pragmatic, democratic power when they volunteer and vote.

The Committee of Seventy keeps it clean: When the Pennsylvania courts upheld Pennsylvania's campaign finance ordinance, we won a major battle in our ongoing fight to end pay-to-play. We are the leading crusader for ethics reforms in Philadelphia. Our studies and recommendations do more than talk. They move government forward.

Seventy works to make it lean: In these tough times, we urge reforms that will put tax dollars to better use. We championed fresh ideas that gave a new mayor greater control over city operations. As a trusted voice, we give skeptical citizens a way to believe their government can work effectively.

Seventy helps ensure fair elections: With the nation's largest nonpartisan Voter Assistance Program, we monitor polling places and answer thousands of questions from voters. In 2008, we trained and deployed nearly 2,000 volunteers. We combine old-fashioned feet on the street with sophisticated technology to help voters make their voices heard.



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