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Internews Europe works to harness the power of media and information to help people hold their governments accountable, develop tolerant and prosperous communities, and make sense of the forces affecting their lives.

Traditional mass media and new platforms such as the internet and mobile phones are revitalising national economies and political dynamics around the world. They are transforming the livelihoods of local communities. They have the potential to make public debate more inclusive, more tolerant and better equipped to tackle complex emerging issues such as avian influenza.

Internews works closely with local organisations and the international community to ensure that the benefits of diverse, independent media and information systems are made available to the countries and communities that need them most.

For people the world over, more and better information means better access to education, health care, income and government services. In crisis situations, information can mean the difference between life and death. Backed by a body of evidence demonstrating the impact of its work, Internews designs its activities to contribute to meeting the international targets outlined in the eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Central to its work are local partnerships, capacity building, the innovative use of ICTs (information and communication technologies) and an emphasis on supporting local entrepreneurship in the media and information sector.

Its activities fall into three main,mutually reinforcing categories:

Media in Governance

Internews uses media to strengthen governance through a full range of support activities that encompass training media policy-makers and regulators; building basic media infrastructure (television and radio); training journalists and citizen communicators in core journalism skills, investigative reporting, and computer- and database-assisted reporting; and supporting community radio, the medium best placed to give voice to the most marginalised groups.

Media organisations cannot hold decision-makers to account if they are financially dependent on them. Therefore, building skills in professional media management and revenue generation is central to Internews' work in strengthening governance.

Media for Development

Internews develops broad-based media-assistance programmes to help the key actors in media (editors, journalists, government officials and NGO representatives ) work together more effectively on major issues such as public health, environmental protection and disaster response.

Building New Information Environments

Under regimes that strictly control the information environment, the internet can provide a lifeline for independent media and a training platform for a new generation of citizen journalists. In many countries, language barriers exclude people from information available in the developed world through online resources such as Wikipedia. Micro-entrepreneurs and small businesses in developing countries lack news and information services that are taken for granted in Europe and North America.

Internews employs in-house technical experts and collaborates with leading software developers to find solutions to these challenges, solutions that involve building new platforms and helping journalists in developing countries acquire new skills.

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