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Urban Future Leaders of the World (uFLOW)

Association ou organisation à but non lucratif

Dernière mise à jour : 6 juin 2014 21:57:37

5 sept. 2012 04:26:23
uFLOW a dit
uFLOW is again seeking new volunteers in Chicago, Cleveland, and San Francisco!


Nobody should have to live in an environment where food, shelter, health and safety can be daily concerns, but many do. Urban Future Leaders of the World (uFLOW) looks for the adolescents who, in the face of these conditions, retain a hope, drive and vision for change in their neighborhood. uFLOW is a fresh approach to improving the conditions of underserved neighborhoods across the Chicago, San Francisco, Cleveland, Boston, and New York City by harnessing the energy, creativity and passion of youth towards positive community change. What makes us different: the uFLOW program mentors at-risk high school youth to solve the problems THEY see in their community through student-driven service projects. uFLOW provides mentors, incentives, resources, training, funding and FUN to help youth be their own change and (we hope) inspire them to become community leaders.

As a group of young adults ranging from colleg students, to medical residency, to business school, we believe we offer our own zealous determination, combined with a healthy pinch of useful professional experience, to connect with these students and empower them to DO SOMETHING about the problems they see. As one ninth grade student said upon completion of our program, "I would have been another girl and just did what everyone else did. I never really thought about making a change, but when uFLOW came around and made a presentation it changed everything. Now I want to grow my organization."

How it works: uFLOW selects a high school in an underserved neighborhood, partners with the school, and makes a rousing pitch to students explaining the program and inviting them to apply. We select the students that seem to have the right spark of community insight and enthusiasm for their idea. Mentors are the heart and soul of our program. Each mentor is matched with 3 students and collaborate once a week with their student on a fantastic, inspirational service project that allows our youth to follow their muse and design, develop and implement their own idea for community betterment. We can't tell you yet what their brains will concoct, but we can give you examples of past projects that blew us away: a "one more jump shot, one less gunshot" weekend basketball tournament, an anti-bullying play, rebuilding a park, and an aspiring chef who decided to collect and cook food for the homeless. We can't wait to hear this year's ideas!

For us, it brings undescribable gratification to help these students see their own capabilities and really believe in their ability to bring rich, positive, inspired experiences to their community. We're determined to spread this feeling to as many youth as possible.

uFLOW, was incepted in Chicago in 2008, expanded to San Francisco and Cleveland in 2010 and now NYC and Boston in 2014. We are always looking for passionate people in these 5 cities who are willing to volunteer their time and contribute to this cause. If you are interested in bringing uFLOW to your community we would love to hear from you as well.

Annonces de uFLOW

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  • Summer Mentor for uFLOW Youth in Boston! - Mission bénévole

    Dernière mise à jour :
    6 juin 2014
    Zone géographique :
    Boston, MA, US
    Description :
    Urban Future Leaders of the World (uFLOW) is a national non-profit organization, newly opening its Boston chapter, which teaches urban, at-risk youth in grades ...
  • uFLOW looking for University / College volunteers to mentor underserved youth in New York City! - Mission bénévole

    Dernière mise à jour :
    3 juin 2014
    Zone géographique :
    Brooklyn, NY, US
    Description :
    We are looking for hard working, passionate, motivated undergrad or grad students in New York City who want to be volunteer mentors for our high school youth fr...

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    Caroline Tsai image

    Caroline Tsai

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    Jersey City, NJ, US
    david britton image

    david britton

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    Chicago, IL, US
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    Katherine Healey image

    Katherine Healey

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    Philadelphia, PA, US
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    Tim Kuruvilla image

    Tim Kuruvilla

    Zone géographique :
    San Francisco, CA, US
    Parthiv Varadarajan image

    Parthiv Varadarajan

    Zone géographique :
    Chicago, IL, US
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    Aakarsh image


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    Chicago, IL, US
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    Sam image


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    Chicago, IL, US
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    Vipan image


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    Chicago, IL, US
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    Terrence image


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    Chicago, IL, US
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