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Hand in Hand International believes that poverty can most effectively be eradicated when government, the private sector, and civil society work in partnership. We help build and nurture long-lasting relationships between our partners and local and international businesses, foundations, public institutions and private donors.

Hand in Hand International is a registered UK non-profit organisation based in London. It was established in 2006 and serves as the group's fundraising, coordination, support, and strategic expansion office. Hand in Hand International also has a three person support team in Belgium, and promotes our cause in conjunction with Hand in Hand Sweden. Hand in Hand International is committed to keeping the cost of fundraising and administration to 10-15% of its total income.

In its financial year 2010-2011, Hand in Hand International raised GBP 4 million for the Hand in Hand Group's implementing partners in India, Afghanistan, Southern Africa, Eastern Africa.

Job Creation Model

While each Hand in Hand entity has an operating model that has been tailored to suit the local environment, there are four core elements which define the Hand in Hand approach.

1. Social mobilization

Self Help Groups (SHGs) are formed and members receive initial training in areas that improve the group dynamics, promote financial discipline, and in skills that can be used to generate incomes. Many of the members are illiterate, so Hand in Hand trainers teach with activities, parables, pictures and songs.

2. Business training

Once mobilization and basic training are complete, SHGs receive training in how to start and develop a business.

3. Access to credit

Should financial resources be required beyond SHG members' own savings, SHG members will be trained in credit management and a microloan will be offered, either directly or through partners.

4. Value addition and market linkages

Once the SHG is functioning and businesses are emerging, a Business Development Officer helps add value to the businesses in areas such as processing, packaging and quality control. They also help groups to access new or bigger markets. This leads to increased family income, which in turn enables SHG members to have:

  • Greater food security
  • Better education for their children
  • Increased access to medicines and healthcare
  • Improved housing
  • More active involvement in community affairs

The Hand in Hand training-intensive model ensures that Hand in Hand staff get to know members' needs, and allows the organisation to provide a comprehensive and supportive service. Hand in Hand's goal is not simply to provide training or to make loans; it is to create jobs by empowering micro-entrepreneurs.



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