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À propos

This is a new organisation which was registered barely over a month ago by 3 friends. The social mission of this organisation is to assist vunerable children in Ghana to acquired better school education/IT training for gainful emloyment. It also aims at providing affordable health care for these vunerable children and their family as well as the whole community.The organisation aims at creating recreational ground(s) for the Ghanaian child. The organization is at its initial stage as we have just acquired plots of land in Ghana and obtained thousands of cement blocks for the construction of six classroom blocks to begin with.

Douglas is a UK resident at 11 Candida Court, Clarence Way, Camden/London, NW1 8PY

Registration Status.

Divine Solution Foundation is a non-profit, non-denominational and non-governmental Organization, established in January 2010, but officially registered and certified by the registrar general's department under the company's code 1963 (ACT179) of the constitution of the republic of Ghana on the 8th June, 2011.

Background Information.

In most developing countries especially in African communities of whichGhanais not exemption, the major obstacle that prevents people from developing their talents and reaching their goals and aspiration in life is poverty and inhumane leaders in Government.

The poor socio-economic and political conditions in the region continue to increase the poverty rate among the populace especially the less privileged in the deprived and disadvantages communities.

Women of all ages especially the young women from the deprived communities are the most vulnerable as compared to their male counterparts.

Access to basic needs such as quality education and healthcare services in the rural and urban poor communities is virtually impossible. Few existing quality education and healthcare services are only available in the cities and in most cases are limited to the rich hence the urban and the rural vulnerable groups are mostly deprived of quality school education and healthcare services and adequate recreational facilities.

Unemployment rate among the populace especially the young people is on the ascendency leaving most children on the street, drug users, sex workers and other related social vices increasing crime rate, teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

There are woefully insufficient public and private structures in the deprived rural and urban poor communities to develop, provide and promote quality school education, healthcare, skill training, empowerment programs and other related programs and projects to help improve upon the social, economical and political lives of the vulnerable.


Divine Solution Foundation is dedicated and committed to undertake basic research and identification of needs programs to help improve upon the living standards of the populace most especially, the vulnerable groups through the provision and promotion of quality school education, healthcare, skill training, empowerment programs and other related programs and projects.

Further Objectives:

Divine Solution Foundation in achieving its objective aimed at providing volunteering opportunities, internship and exchange programs as well as tourism of all kinds by working and collaborating with interested individuals, group of people, public and private institutions and other professionals around the globe.

Mission Statement:

Divine Solution Foundation aimed at improving the life of the vulnerable in the deprived, rural and urban poor communities through the promotion and provision of quality, accessible and affordable healthcare, pre-tertiary school education, skill training, socio-economic empowerments, poverty reduction and other related programs and projects to help develop their talents, building the future and to improve upon the socio- economic and political lives of the vulnerable groups to prevent them from becoming victims of life and to help them contribute to community growth and national development.

Operational fields:

a) Affordable School Education

i) Pre- Tertiary **

ii) IT (ICT) Training)**

b) Volunteering, internship, exchange programs and study trip (tour)**

c) Affordable Medical care

d) Suitable recreational ground(s)

Operational areas:

1) AKropong Electoral Area

2) Anwomaso Electoral Area

3) Kumasi Metropolis

Beneficiary Communities:

1) Rural and deprived communities

2) Urban poor communities

3) General communities



Date de fondation : 8 June 2011

Numéro d'identification : G-36889

Adresse email : Identifiez-vous pour voir ces adresses email

Numéro de téléphone : *447940705036/ 00233244409181 / 0233277886416

Adresse :
P.O Box AK-271, Anloga Kumasi, Kumasi/Kumasi, Ashanti Region, Ghana

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