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Our mission is to spread awareness about diabetes and to help improve the lives of those afflicted and influenced, one life at a time. As members of the international diabetic community, we strongly believe that self-management is the key factor required to deal with this disease efficiently. Progress in one's physical, psychological, spiritual and mental maintenance depends on one's willingness to seek the necessary medical attention required and the self-discipline to follow through with advice, awareness and discussion.

The TalkOnDiabetes Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, was created to encourage personal and positive development within the diabetic community. Our website was created to provide access to objective information and data reports about past and current trends relative to diabetes. We believe this is the most constructive way to show people with diabetes and diabetes-related conditions what is happening in today's ever-changing world. Access to the current trends of today's constant medical evolution is crucial. The TalkOnDiabetes Foundation is working to approach this issue by offering supportive and informative programs and activities. We are presently in the planning and analytical phases. Our aim is to raise awareness within local communities, to provide a wealth of information regarding personal care and treatment options, and to offer beneficial events for our online visitorship and our clients to participate in and learn from.



Date de fondation : December 20, 2010

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