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Women’s Action for New Directions (WAND) is a national nonprofit organization that seeks to empower women to act politically to reduce violence and militarism and to redirect excessive Pentagon resources toward unmet human and environmental needs. WAND has offices in Cambridge, MA and Washington, DC.

WAND operates two nonprofit organizations with one united vision. WAND Education Fund is a 501c3 organization that educations Congress, state legislators, and the public and progressive national security issues. WAND, Inc. is a 501c4 organization that engages the grassroots in the political process to advocate for national security policy change. Additionally, our Women Legislators' Lobby (WiLL), a program of WAND, is a national nonpartisan network of women state legislators who work together to influence federal policy and budget priorities.



Numéro d'identification : 04-2777891

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wand.org twitter.com/womensaction facebook.com/WomensAction/

Numéro de téléphone : 6174012877

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101 Main Street, 14th Floor, Cambridge, MA, 02142, US

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