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Cape Fear Volunteer Center

Association ou organisation à but non lucratif

Dernière mise à jour : 18 déc. 2014 01:56:27


Through the Cape
Fear Volunteer Center individuals, businesses and groups
are able to gain memorable experiences, meet new people
and help to make the Cape Fear Area a better place
to live for all.
Seasons of Service
No mater what the time of year, the spirit of volunteerism
can be ignited within you, your friends, your family
and your coworkers. Start planning today for the numerous
"Seasons of Service" events throughout the year!

Ongoing Opportunities
The Cape Fear Volunteer Center's role is to promote
personal involvement in the community as the most effective
and rewarding means of creating a better environment
in which our families can grow and prosper.

Who We Are
The Cape Fear Volunteer Center is dedicated
to strengthening communities through effective
volunteerism. We serve as a clearinghouse
for volunteers and deliver creative
solutions to community problems by harnessing
the power of volunteerism in a number of

Community Collaborations
The Cape Fear Volunteer Center is a partner
in the following collaborations:
· Join Hands Day
· National Make A Difference Day
· Holiday Helpers Guide
· National Letter Carriers' Food Drive
· Governor's Volunteer Awards
· National Volunteer Week

· Program Assistance to Nonprofits
Cape Fear Volunteer Center
925 S. Kerr Suite K Room 2
Wilmington NC 28403

Phone: 910-392-8180
Fax: 910-392-8180 call first please
Email: cfvc@bellsouth.net
Youth Matters
Youth Matters is a new program offered by the
Cape Fear Volunteer Center in 2003 that makes
youth volunteerism easy, accessible, and fun! The
purpose is to support young people, working in
partnership with community institutions, to create
youth-directed innovations that address public issues
and problems using a service-learning framework.
We are seeking to unleash young people's
energy, idealism, and inventiveness by making it
easier for them to participate in civic activities in a
meaningful way and receive the support and mentoring
they need in this role.

Working With Business
Cape Fear Volunteer Center is designed to mobilize individuals,
businesses, and groups to actively volunteer
throughout the year. Opportunities abound and there is
an endless variety of volunteer projects available to suit
the needs of all Cape Fear volunteers.

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925 S. Kerr Suite K Room 2, Wilmington, NC, 28403, US


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