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Peace First, Inc (formerly Peace Games).

Association ou organisation à but non lucratif

Dernière mise à jour : 26 nov. 2013 22:12:02


Peace First (peacefirst.org), which began as a response to the sky-rocketing youth homicide rates in the early 90s, works in partnership with schools to build safe, effective school climates where children learn how to be engaged and active citizens. The heart of this program is a Pre-K-8 service-learning curriculum integrated weekly into the academic frameworks of the school, taught by young adult volunteers in partnership with the classroom teacher. This work is supported by intense coaching with principals and lead teachers to deepen their efficacies at supporting academically and emotionally successful young people.

Peace First exists to teach students to become problem-solvers with the ability, and the inclination, to create social change. We work with schools to empower students with the skills, relationships, and opportunities to be engaged, positive forces in their communities and throughout their lives. We show them they have the power, creativity, and responsibility to create peace.

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    Kirby Broadnax image

    Kirby Broadnax

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    Cleveland, OH, US
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    yu wei image

    yu wei

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    Naitck, MA, US
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    Denise G

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    Boston, MA, US
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    Devin Gosberry

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    Eugene, OR, US
    Alexandra Hain image

    Alexandra Hain

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    Freeport, NY, US
    Callia Wolff image

    Callia Wolff

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    Santa Cruz, CA, US
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    Elizabeth Belton image

    Elizabeth Belton

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    Astoria, NY, US
    Dawn Penney image

    Dawn Penney

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    Kings Park, NY, US
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    Beckie L image

    Beckie L

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    Istanbul, İstanbul, Turquie
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    Fan, Bénévolat
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    Lauren Labrecque

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    Boston, MA, US
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