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InsideNGO is a membership association of 330 international non-governmental organizations and sector experts in the international development and relief community working together to achieve global impact. We provide training and learning opportunities, peer-to-peer exchange, sector expertise, and links to industry partners to help our members build their operational and management capacity. Learn more at


For more than 35 years, InsideNGO has been “inside” the NGO community, supporting organizations as they address the world’s most pressing social issues. We are widely recognized as the leader in US Government assistance compliance training. In addition, with targeted advocacy efforts and unique insights from our relationships with our members, as well as research and benchmarking, we offer an informed and influential voice on behalf of our members on key issues and topics.

Through our history, InsideNGO has represented the voice of our members with US Government agencies, including USAID, OMB, Treasury, the IRS, other regulatory bodies and institutional donors who fund our members. In this role, InsideNGO monitors, assesses and recommends solutions for regulations and practices – existing or proposed – that may affect our members and our sector.



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