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See Forever's Mission is to create learning environments in lower income urban communities where teens, particularly those who have not succeeded in traditional schools, can reach their potential.

Through the Maya Angelou Public Charter Schools, at our Maya Angelou Academy at the New Beginnings Youth Center, and in other See Forever programs, our students develop the academic, social, and employment skills that they need to build rewarding lives and promote positive change in their communities.

Our goals are to help our participants: (1) improve their academic performance and earn a high school diploma; (2) gain work experience and earn money and money management skills; (3) continue on to college or full-time, skilled work positions; (4) become agents of social change in their communities

Our students succeed because we provide:

  • extended school days & year round curriculum
  • after school tutors
  • paid employment to teach job skills
  • small class sizes
  • a residential program
  • 1 teacher for every 8 students
  • group and individual counseling

Our students succeed where they are expected to fail.



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Numéro de téléphone : 202-797-8250

Numéro de fax : 202-797-8284

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1436 U Street, NW, Suite 203, Washington, DC, 20009, US

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