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À propos

The COSA Consortium serves as a forum for inspired leadership that ignites dialogue and co-operation for the viability of food systems and the productivity and well-being of farmers.

COSA is a nonprofit organization that works at the forefront of sustainability. We are a neutral consortium dedicated to helping people and organizations understand the sustainability of our food and agriculture systems and the people who make them possible. We design and implement innovative monitoring and evaluation systems that measure the performance of sustainable agriculture programs in practical ways.

Our Vision

We envision a world with a balanced and global understanding of the environmental, social, and economic dimensions that will mutually advance sustainable agriculture.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build new levels of collective impact through partnerships - balancing innovation and scientific rigor - to measure sustainability with business-driven pragmatism.

Global Team

With staff located across the globe, COSA operates as a virtual organization.  



Date de fondation : 2012

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