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The California State Council on Developmental Disabilities (Council) was established by state (Lanterman Act in Welfare and Institutions Code Section 4520 et. seq.) and federal law (Developmental Disabilities and Bill of Rights Act) to ensure that individuals with developmental disabilities and their families participate in the planning, design and receipt of the services and supports they need which promote increased independence, productivity, inclusion and self-determination.  The Council advocates, promotes and implements policies and practices that achieve self-determination, independence, productivity and inclusion in all aspects of community life for Californians with developmental disabilities and their families.

The governing multi-member body of the Council is comprised of 31 members appointed by the Governor, including individuals with disabilities, their families, federally funded partners and state agencies.  In addition to headquarters in Sacramento, the Council has 13 regional offices throughout the state that support individuals with developmental disabilities and their families by providing training, monitoring of policy and services, and public information. The Council works to ensure that appropriate laws, regulations and policies pertaining to the rights of individuals are observed and protected.  Headquarters staff, including the Executive Director, are housed in Sacramento.  To learn more about the Council, go to: .



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