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Dernière mise à jour : 4 déc. 2012 16:00:34


Much has been said about the topic of "human capital" within an organization, whether we are referring to adding new talent to a team, developing it, or better yet, finding improved ways to deploy it. We, at Nonprofit-Concepts, believe that the most effective nonprofit organizations will learn to function by a well-defined business model, having their mission as a center goal. This brings us to the two propositions at the center of this initiative.

Proposition One

Nonprofit-Concepts is a New York-based Human Resources consulting firm, servicing small and mid-sized nonprofit entities that do not have a dedicated HR team onsite. Our methodology stands out, due to its comprehensive approach: we tailor the recruiting efforts to your company's unique strengths and challenges, and we also incorporate the workforce planning and management aspect, which ultimately, increases the added value delivered to the client.

Proposition Two

Our philosophy is simple, delivering value to our client. We believe in the direct correlation between "Recruit", "Retain" and "Achieve": finding the right people to add to your team, developing ways to keep them, and integrating the HR function in your overall mission. We also believe in consistency, when it comes to onboarding and training your new employees.


Recruitment and Workforce Management

We can assist you with a full range of personnel issues, including analyzing the specific needs of a nonprofit entity, as well as innovative ways of incorporating and developing new talent within the organization.

Among recent Recruitment and Training Projects:

-For an elderly care center in Queens, NY: a redesign of the marketing and business plan prompted a restructuring of the recruitment and training process. The overall project is expected to generate significant new sources of income for this nonprofit client.

Training and development

Starting with the initial phase of onboarding, we believe the initial steps of transitioning an individual from a candidate to an employee, are crucial to the person's performance, morale, as well as potential fit within the team. That is why we can assist your organization with the onboarding process, the probationary period review, as well as ongoing training courses. Paula Thorby has extensive experience in the training and development aspect, at the executive, as well as staff levels.

Executive Search

We believe strong leaders make strong organizations. Strong organizations make even stronger communities. Our experience in conducting searches for senior level executive positions includes Fortune 100 and 500 clients, as well as large public entities allows us to understand the unique challenges of recruiting for your organization's next leader. We understand the direct link between choosing not only the right resume, but also the right person for the job, and business results.

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