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Graduate School of Public and Development Management

The Graduate School of Public and Development Management (P&DM) is considered the leading regional institution in the arena of governance, policy and development management for the public sector. P&DM has, since its inception in 1993, been at the forefront of an international movement to transform public and development management, and is today the largest producer of postgraduates in its field in Southern Africa.

P&DM works closely with governments and Community Based Organisations in South Africa and the continent to:

  • Support national and local public policy development, governance frameworks and institutional arrangements
  • Enhance management systems, mechanisms and modalities
  • Strengthen service-delivery, strategic planning, programme development, monitoring and evaluation
  • Public finance in almost all sectors of government

P&DM has a reputation of contributing to the intellectual discourse within the public sector in South Africa and the broader African continent. You will find graduates throughout the public sector in many countries across the continent.

P&DM's vision

"Leadership through learning for development and democratic governance".

As a graduate school within Wits University, P&DM provides quality management education for leaders and decision-makers in the public and development fields.

P&DM's values are those enshrined in the constitution of the Republic of South Africa.

These values, which guide P&DM's work and teaching, include:

  • Human dignity
  • The achievement of equality
  • The achievement of human rights and freedom
  • Non-racialism and non-sexism
  • Democratic government which is accountable, responsible and open



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