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Contra Costa Interfaith Housing

Association ou organisation à but non lucratif

Dernière mise à jour : 10 janv. 2013 19:21:14


Founded in 1997, the mission of Contra Costa Interfaith Housing (CCIH) is to provide permanent, affordable housing and vital support services to homeless and at-risk families and individuals in Contra Costa County.

Contra Costa Interfaith Housing originated in 1991 through the efforts of a coalition of faith communities dedicated to addressing homelessness in Contra Costa County. They were particularly interested in assisting families with special needs. In 1997, CCIH was incorporated and together with Mercy Housing, California, purchased Garden Park Apartments (GPA) in 2000. Although it was initially transitional housing, in December 2004, Garden Park became the first permanent supportive housing program for homeless families in Contra Costa County.

GPA provides 27 formerly homeless families with permanent housing and on-site supportive services by a licensed clinician,an academic specialist and volunteers. Since 2011, CCIH has opened programs at other apartment complexes, at the invitation of affordable housing developer, Resources for Community Development. At these properties, CCIH provides support services to low-income families designed to prevent homelessness, while providing academic support to both adults and at-risk children to help interrupt the cycle of poverty and homelessness. Our programs, located in Pleasant Hill, Concord, Pittsburg and Bay Point, are evidence-based and achieve positive, measurable impacts.

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    Elba Goostree

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