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City of Philadelphia Office of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy

Agence gouvernementale

Dernière mise à jour : 20 nov. 2012 15:00:32


Mission Welcome to Creative Philadelphia, the online hub of the City of Philadelphia's Office of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy (OACCE).

The mission of the Office is to support and promote arts, culture and the creative industries; and to develop partnerships and coordinate efforts that weave arts, culture and creativity into the economic and social fabric of the City.

The Office manages and oversees City arts programs, provides policy advice to the Mayor and other Administration officials and serves as the primary point of municipal contact for local organizations, businesses, artists and creative entrepreneurs.

Key Objectives & Strategies

The overarching goals and objectives of the OACCE are to lead the coordination of public and private sector efforts needed to ensure that:

1) The Philadelphia region is recognized internationally as a world class city - a global center for the creation and enjoyment of arts and culture, as well as a welcoming home for individual artists and creative businesses; 2) The arts are accessible and relevant to as many Philadelphia residents and visitors as possible; 3) Arts, culture and the creative economy are core components of the City's economic development, tourism, promotional and community revitalization strategies; 4) All Philadelphia children have access to high quality cultural experiences and arts education, both in school and out of school; and 5) Artists, cultural organizations and creative businesses have access to the resources they need -- human, facilites and financial -- to be successful.

Mayor's Cultural Advisory Council In 2008, Mayor Michael A. Nutter, with the support of City Council and the cultural community, re-established the OACCE and appointed Gary Steuer to the new cabinet-level position of Chief Cultural Officer. He also created the Mayor's Cultural Advisory Council (MCAC), a fifty-member team of arts, culture and creative economy leaders appointed by the Mayor.

Chaired by Joseph Kluger, the MCAC advises the Mayor on major issues, provides assistance to the OACCE in addressing issues and opportunities, and in coordination with OACCE staff, was responsible for developing a multi-year Vision Plan.

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