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Hekalu Ya UKUUNKI - Temple of the Seven Principles

Association ou organisation à but non lucratif

Dernière mise à jour : 14 août 2013 00:50:52

27 juin 2011 19:00:19
Temple a dit
Everything, Everyone, Everywhere Affects Who You Are


"It all began with a thought"


Hekalu Ya UKUUNKI (Kiswahili for Temple of the Seven Principles) is a unincorporated, self-supported, Universal Afrikan Spiritual Temple established for the spiritual recovery and general welfare of the Afrikan people and the Afrikan world community. We advocate for the advancement of Afrikan spiritual understanding. This temple acknowledges the Transcendent regardless of the various traditions embraced. Established in the Year of Our People (YOP), 6252.

We began in 2009 as Liberdade Cooperação (Freedom Cooperation). After volunteering in Angola, the founder became conscious of the dire need for holistic healthcare, economic and spiritual development, and cultural, environmental consciousness in the Afrikan Community, worldwide.

The original purpose for Liberdade Cooperação was to end poverty by introducing Freedom (the ability to pursue eternal health, wealth, and knowledge without the mental, physical, and psychological bondage of poverty). Lib Coop was created to be inclusive to all that are impoverished.

True Reflections and Freedom (TRaF) was the Cultural/Environmental component of Lib Coop. TRaF developed into an Afrikan heritage education organization in 2010, and was incorporated as a not-for-profit in 2011. The original intent was to become a cooperative but the founder didn't know how to start a business without incorporating. After a great amount of research and legal understanding, Jan 2012, TRaF became an unincorporated association. And in November 2012 we became a spiritual center.

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743 E. 75, chicago, IL, 60619, US
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November 6252 (2012)


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