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Better Georgia, the state's fastest growing progressive advocacy organization, is here to make sure elected officials listen to Georgia families, small business owners and real people. We want our elected officials to pass sensible laws and policies that make Georgia a better state.

Today, Georgia faces historic levels of unemployment with nearly half a million workers looking for jobs. Georgia has the 3rd highest poverty rate in nation, with two cities ranked among our nation's 10 poorest places to live. Georgia's students are defaulting on student loans faster than the national average. Meanwhile, businesses refuse to open in Georgia because our representatives pass laws intended to please a small, extreme group.

It's time someone other than lobbyists and big-pocket corporations demand action from our elected officials.

Better Georgia will.

We're a new and growing non-partisan organization that will make sure Georgia's leaders focus on real problems for real Georgians.

Working with partners around the state, our goal is to:

  • Hold our government accountable to real people
  • Share new research and polling
  • Advocate progressive solutions to the problems facing Georgia
  • Organize rapid response communications to distortions or lies that others present as facts
  • Highlight failed conservative polices and the ethical failures within government
  • Use new technology and social media to organize and empower Georgians across the state


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