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The Center for Defending Freedom of Journalists CDFJ, is a Jordan-based not-for-profit company that aims at providing legal advice to journalists victims of human rights violations, filing lawsuits on behalf of victim journalists; legally representing defendants or initiating litigation; monitoring and documenting information that concerns legislation and judicial rulings that address journalists and media issues and.

The Center aims also at providing professional development training to Jordanian and Arab media professionals in the areas of learning new techniques in media, increase knowledge on developments with electronic media and digital media. The Center is particularly interested in utilizing the Internet and Information Technology to serve as a vehicle for free expression and human rights protection in the country and throughout the Arab world.



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Numéro de téléphone : +962 6 5160820

Numéro de fax : +962 6 5602785

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University Street, Amman, Al-Hadath newspaper, Amman, Jordanie

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