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Mission Statement: Young people working together to end global poverty.

Description: We're young, we're passionate and we're committed to working in partnership to fight the reality of poverty. The Oaktree Foundation is an entirely youth run aid and development organisation. We are driven by young people under the age of 26. We believe that education is the key to making lasting change. Oaktree is about young people standing up to take action. In a world where we can be reduced to token responses to poverty, we believe that young people can be leaders who don't just talk about change, but create it. We partner with developing communities to support quality educational opportunities for young people. We invest in young people at home to be dedicated and effective agents of change. We lead a growing grassroots movement for systemic change.



Date de fondation : 2003

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Haberfield, Sydney, Nouvelle-Galles du Sud, 2045, Australie

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