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The Women's Empowerment Project

Association ou organisation à but non lucratif

Dernière mise à jour : 5 juin 2014 22:44:44


TWEP is a UK based international charity that exists to enable African women to realise their full potential as confident, Independent and skilled individuals, both in the UK and West Africa.

We have a number of programme areas in the UK:

  • Leadership development - developing the capacity of women so that they can play a more active role in their communities and have a stronger voice.
  • Health and Wellbeing ( Make a Move ) - creating opportunities for women to participate in physical activities such as swimming, cycling and walking. The project targets women who are at risk of developing long term conditions such as Diabetes, Hypertention and Obesity . We also provide nutritional advice and train members of the community to take the lead
  • Employability ( Women in Sustainable Enterprise project ) - this year we are providing free training in catering and childcare as well as business skills training. We target women who are unemployed and interested in setting up their own businesses.
  • Volunteering - creating opportunities for women to utilise their skills within TWEP as well as learning new ones along the way. Opportunities range from street fundraising, administration to website assistance.
  • Advocacy and awareness raising - concerning issues that affect women, especially those from African backgrounds.

In West Africa:

  • Sponsor a Girl child - we have been sponsoring girls for 10 years to access formal education.
  • Micro loan - to women in deprived communities to enable them to support their families.

New project in Ghana: Shalom House refuge for girls involved in prostitution in Ghana

The project aims to provide a safe and nurturing environment where girls aged 13 - 23 who are involved in prostitution can receive counselling, health screening and new skills that they can earn a living with. ( more information on the website)

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    Zone géographique :
    Busota Kamuli, Eastern Region, Ouganda

Contacts de TWEP

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    Kau Jallah image

    Kau Jallah

    Zone géographique :
    Surrey, Royaume-Uni


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0203 441 4188
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Vestry Hall, 338 London Road, Mitcham, Royaume-Uni
Date de fondation :
June 2003


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