Corporate Accountability International (formerly INFACT)

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Corporate Accountability International is a member-powered
organization that protects human rights, public health and the
environment from corporate abuse.

Founded in 1977, the organization makes an enormous impact—as
proven by our successful track record of securing lifesaving victories in
the face of overwhelming power, money and influence.

Today our campaigns challenge the dangerous practices of some of the world's most powerful industries. The Think Outside the Bottle and Public Water Works! campaigns expose the truth behind bottled water marketing and challenge privatization of water and the International Water campaign defends the human right to water in the face of increasing corporate control. The Value [the] Meal campaign challenges the fast food industry to stop driving an epidemic of diet-related disease, and our campaign to Challenge Big Tobacco is blocking tobacco industry interference in health policies that protect our kids and public health.

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Date de fondation : March 16, 1977

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Numéro de téléphone : (617) 695-2525

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Campaign Headquarters, 10 Milk St, Suite 610, Boston, MA, 02108, US

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