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Global Justice Center

Association ou organisation à but non lucratif

Dernière mise à jour : 17 févr. 2011 22:13:53


The Global Justice Center aims to equip leaders in developing democracies with the legal tools to enforce women's rights to equality in political representation and in doing so, redefine democracy for the twenty-first century. The Global Justice Center works to:

o Target the entrenched political and cultural norms that perpetuate male dominated decision-making bodies and constrain women;

o Use human rights and international law as tools to restructure societies in ways that enable women to take their rightful place in national and international governance bodies;

o Identify activists, leaders, judges, and policymakers and train them in the affirmative use of women's human rights and international law as tools for constructing new democracies, governments, and transitional bodies;

o Transform the operational definition of democracy to one that is truly representative.

The Global Justice Center is a non-profit, non-governmental organization supported by contributions from private individuals and foundations worldwide.

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