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Midwife International

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Beyond Midwifery

The mission of Midwife International is to improve women's health and birth outcomes by providing excellence in midwifery education.

The United Nations Population fund and their partners gathered data from 58 countries and confirmed that the world lacks approximately 350,000 midwives to fully meet the needs of women around the world. Every year approximately 350,000 women die while pregnant or giving birth — almost 1,000 a day. Of these women, 99 percent die in developing countries.

Our solution is to train midwives who will be equipped to provide high-quality maternity care in a variety of settings, especially in challenged regions where birth outcomes can be improved and the need for professional midwives is great. Our comprehensive academic and clinical program encourages graduates to develop themselves as leaders (not just practicing midwives) who understand world culture and women's issues, embrace civic participation and promote the development of midwifery as a whole.

Midwife International partners with established clinics and professional midwives to provide leadership and midwifery training opportunities abroad. While each host site offers a unique educational experience, our students are connected internationally through a shared curriculum that combines hands-on skills training with book study and service projects — fostering leadership and personal growth. Apply now.

Answer Your Calling

We do more than just train midwives. Our Global Midwife Training, Advanced Internships, Midwifery Intensives and 3-Year Midwifery School provide a challenging environment intended to influence the way student midwives see themselves and their role in the communities they serve. Through our service learning model, which includes a combination of clinical rotations, book study, reflection and community projects, students will develop the skills necessary to become the future leaders of positive change in maternity care. Apply Now.

Learn More

Take a look at our unique approach to midwifery education and international clinical experience. Find out how we integrate service learning into our methodology. Learn more about midwife certification and the Midwives Model of Care, or how our programs can help you to become a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) through NARM. Read inspiring stories about how to become a midwife on our weekly blog. Learn about the state of maternal health worldwide. Share the UNFPA "Call to Action" with your network.

Visit our Midwife Training FAQ or our Tuition and Fees pages for additional program details, or contact us directly to learn how Midwife International can support you to become a global midwife!

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Date de fondation : March 2011

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1942 Broadway St., Suite 405, Boulder, CO, 80302, US


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