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With over 1.2 million members, Color Of Change is the largest online community dedicated to taking action on behalf of Black people in America. Both corporations and our government make decisions every day that impact Black people and communities. With our members' voices leading the charge, we fight to hold them accountable and change their practices: in the criminal justice system, in the media, in the workplace, in the economy, everywhere.  

Founded in response to Hurricane Katrina – where government officials failed to meet even the most basic needs of Black people in crisis, and the media promoted unfair, inaccurate and dehumanizing images of Black people – our mission is to make the voice of our community powerful enough to change the system. We believe creating a less hostile and more human world for Black people and all people is possible, if we act together. 

When we come together and speak with one voice, we cannot be ignored.



Date de fondation : 2005

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New York, NY, US

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