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Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies

Association ou organisation à but non lucratif

Dernière mise à jour : 9 mars 2012 16:49:40


Founded in 1956, the Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies is a community of professionals, students and life-long learners working to improve themselves and improve the world around them. Offering degrees and programs that answer today's biggest societal needs, we bring the industry's top experts into the classroom exposing students to the most current issues surrounding growing and important career fields.

Our Programs:

Master of Professional Studies Degrees hr.jpg Human Resources Management j.jpgJournalism pr.jpgPublic Relations & Corporate Communications re.jpgReal Estate sim.jpgSports Industry Management tm.jpgTechnology Management Liberal Studies Degrees ls.jpgBachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies ls.jpgMaster of Arts in Liberal Studies ls.jpgDoctor of Liberal Studies Professional Certificates ccpe-icon.jpgCenter for Continuing and Professional Education

Mission Statement of SCS

In keeping with the historic mission of Georgetown University, the School educates students to become more reflective, active, purposeful citizens who strive to improve themselves and our shared world, embodying Georgetown's Catholic and Jesuit values and heritage and respecting the principles and traditions of each individual.

Vision of SCS

Quality: We strive to perform at the highest levels, with accountability for our actions.

Integrity: We will all have responsibility for our actions, and have the expectations that we will act in an honest, fair, respectful and professional manner.

Leadership: We seek to create a professional environment that fosters responsibility for all members of our community. We will endorse an informed risk-taking atmosphere in an attempt to build new knowledge, industry accomplishments and innovative academic and business models for our community.

Respect: We will operate in manners that are consistent with the Jesuit ideals that drive the operations of the entire University.

Diversity: We will actively engage in conversations that broaden our diversity of leaders, students, educational models, and business relationships.

Innovation and Creativity: We will constantly seek to assess our programs and operations to determine areas that need to change, new programs that can be created, and new processes and academic models that enhance the School's mission.

Volet d'activités de Georgetown University SCS

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Contacts de Georgetown University SCS

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    Tanya Ilse image

    Tanya Ilse

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    Washington, DC, US
    Robert Bates image

    Robert Bates

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    Chicago, IL, US
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    Joelle Miles image

    Joelle Miles

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    Fairfax, VA, US
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    georgetown, DC, US
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    Stephanie  image


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    georgetown, DC, US
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    Mike Cummings image

    Mike Cummings

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    Gaithersburg, MD, US
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    Georgetown University SCS image

    Georgetown University SCS

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    washington, DC, US
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