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Cause4 was launched in May 2009 by Nick Gandon and Michelle Wright with Charles Pike to support charities and social enterprises as development and fundraising partners across the community, arts, sports and education sectors.

Cause4 aims to be a modernising influence and leader within The Third Sector, offering relevant and contemporary solutions for charities and social enterprises at a time when more creative, entrepreneurial approaches are much needed. We work with long-established national charities that wish to re-evaluate their approach to development, as well as with smaller local charities and social enterprises in their infancy.

In our first three years of operation we raised £9.64 million for clients' charitable causes and regularly raise over £400k charitable income per month. So far this financial year 2012-13 (since April 2012) we have raised £4.47 million for clients.

We are often told by charities that they have a 'fundraising problem'. Our experience frequently leads us to conclude that the challenges surrounding income generation are often more obviously rooted in the development of projects and programmes. Good sales seldom arise without well-developed products, ones which are attractive to customers because they deliver outstanding verifiable results and provide 'excellent value for money'. It is our clear conviction that successful fundraising cannot be 'fitted' retrospectively into ineffectual activities. As such, development and fundraising must go hand in hand – a principle to which Cause4 is uncompromisingly wedded and one, we insist, that needs embedding into the thinking of charities and the psyche of fundraisers.

Fundraising has never been without its challenges. In the current volatile economic climate, this Age of Austerity, the challenges have grown. Yet we believe that the possibilities for success remain endless – not least for organisations relishing a challenge, willing to think afresh and respond with agility and imagination to new opportunities.

Cause4 and our values have been developed based upon our interpretation of the 'Triple Bottom Line' and our unwavering belief in people, places and profitability. In other words we are committed to developing our own people and to developing projects, programmes and campaigns which improve the lives of people in Britain and abroad, which enrich places and communities, whilst delivering at the same time a socially-driven yet profitable enterprise that generates the maximum amount of money possible for important charitable causes. In our work with clients we aim to innovate at an organisational level, in order to create impact in charitable and social enterprise programme development, as well as in fundraising.

Cause4 was a finalist in the Natwest Startup Awards 2011 in the category of best socially driven business and is a top 10 winner in the Ernst and Young Future 100 awards 2011 for demonstrating innovation in social enterprise.

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