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Loved Twice

Association ou organisation à but non lucratif

Dernière mise à jour : 1 mars 2013 01:23:35

1 mars 2013 01:14:13
Loved Twice a dit
We are recruiting 25 volunteers for our Grand Baby Campaign! Check out our volunteer posting.


The mission of Loved Twice is to clothe newborns in need with quality recycled baby clothing for the first year of life. Loved Twice started in 2005 when Lisa Klein, Founder and Executive Director, responded to an online community appeal for donations of baby clothing after Hurricane Katrina. Having just had her first child, Lisa was deeply moved to contribute. She rallied other San Francisco Bay Area mothers and collected 200 pounds of clothing for the babies in Louisiana in just four days. While mailing off the onesies, swaddling blankets, and other donated newborn clothes, she realized that the same simple process of recycling gently used baby clothing to provide for infants in need could be applied to her home state of California. Lisa founded Loved Twice to help underprivileged newborns in her own community, giving disadvantaged babies a better start in life.

Today, Loved Twice has grown into an effective grassroots organization that is embraced by the communities it serves throughout the Bay Area. Since 2005, Loved Twice has clothed more than 7,050 newborns, helping vulnerable families meet their basic needs while keeping over 528,720 garments of clothing out of landfills.

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    Katherine Wilson image

    Katherine Wilson

    Zone géographique :
    Walnut Creek, CA, US
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    Kat Heiden image

    Kat Heiden

    Zone géographique :
    Sherman Oaks, CA, US
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    Paula Harris image

    Paula Harris

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    Merced, CA, US


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(510) 652-2229
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4123 Broadway, Suite 815, Oakland, CA, 94611, US
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