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College of Notre Dame of Maryland - Graduate Studies Program

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Dernière mise à jour : 3 mars 2011 20:32:11


College Mission:
College of Notre Dame of Maryland educates women as leaders to transform the world.

Embracing the vision of the founders, the School Sisters of Notre Dame, the College provides a liberal arts education in the Catholic tradition.

Distinctive undergraduate and graduate programs challenge women and men to strive for intellectual and professional excellence, to build inclusive communities, to engage in service to others and to promote social responsibility.

Graduate Studies Program:
Rigorous. Exhilarating. 
Career-enhancing. Life-changing.

Graduate Studies at College of Notre Dame of Maryland takes students in promising directions both personally and professionally. 

Whether students wish to explore an in-depth course of study to expand their thinking, or seek a degree for professional advancement or a career change, our program, now over 20 years old, offers proven and diverse opportunities to reach any goal.

Graduate Studies classes are offered in the evenings and on weekends to meet the scheduling needs of busy adults and working professionals. With courses offered at our main campus as well as at three satellite centers in Maryland, pursuing a Notre Dame graduate degree is within reach !

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    Baltimore, MD, US
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