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À propos

We believe that inclusive communities foster the active participation of young people from diverse social, economic and ethno-racial family backgrounds in civic life and community leadership.

Our Mission

Laidlaw Foundation invests in innovative ideas, convenes interested parties, shares its learning and advocates for change in support of young people becoming healthy, creative and fully engaged citizens.

Our Vision

An inclusive society that values and supports its young people in being fully engaged in the civic, social, economic and cultural life of diverse and environmentally healthy communities.

Our Core Values Youth Engagement - the process of meaningful, voluntary participation of young people in decision-making and governance.

Diversity - recognizes, respects and values differences to enable each person to maximize his or her own potential and by extension, that of their community.

Social Inclusion - where all people really belong in all the economic, social, political and cultural dimensions of our society.

Civic Engagement - people have, and act on the opportunity to participate in the rights and duties of citizenship ina healthy democracy.




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