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The Wildlife Conservation Film Festival (WCFF) is a unique film festival, like no other on the globe. The ten day event is much more than a film festival; it is also a Biodiversity Conference, with local field trips and weekend retreat for film producers and scientists.

The Wildlife Conservation Film Festival screens more than 85 of the finest documentary films from around the world covering topics of natural history and conservation. WCFF bring together innovative minds and leaders from film, media and science. Our film festival creates a platform for facilitating inspiration into action. More than 50 international filmmakers, scientists and global conservationists take part in the week long event.

The mission of Wildlife Conservation Film Festival is to inform, engage and inspire audiences about wildlife conservation the to protect global biodiversity.

2017 marks the seven year anniversary of the WCFF in New York, NY.



Date de fondation : 2010

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Site(s) web:
WCFF.org twitter.com/WCFF_org facebook.com/WCFForg

Numéro de téléphone : 917-558-5205

Adresse :
New York, NY, 10024, US

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