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Bright by Three is a Colorado-based, statewide nonprofit organization that provides parents and other caregivers of children aged 0-3 with the tools needed to promote a child’s readiness for lifelong learning and success.

Bright by Three serves more than 20,000 children and families each year across Colorado through a 3-year, phased program designed to empower parents, engage children, and develop social, emotional and cognitive skills needed for school readiness and lifelong learning. Bright by Three’s research-based program is delivered in collaboration with 700 partner agencies across the state. The program is offered through individualized, interactive communication in homes, in groups, and via digital technologies.


Date de fondation : 1995

Numéro d'identification : 841382420

Adresse email : Identifiez-vous pour voir ces adresses email

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Numéro de téléphone : 303-433-6200

Numéro de fax : 303-302-1691

Adresse :
3605 Martin Luther King Blvd, Denver, CO, 80205, US

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