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LEAF Academy

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Dernière mise à jour : 25 janv. 2013 15:40:29


The LEAF Academy connects students to ecological systems and empowers them to make changes in their own community. LEAF, a nonprofit program sponsored by Matter of Trust, was incubated at the Presidio Hill School in San Francisco with the generous support of the EROL Foundation.

LEAF recruits and cultivates young leaders from diverse elementary and middle school communities. During the summer Academy, students are engaged in experiential, collaborative learning of the highest order. Working hands-on with a variety of eco-professionals in both natural as well as urban settings, students develop a profound understanding about ecological principles. As they face the complexity of environmental issues through hands on experience, LEAFers get a first-hand feel for the value of creative thinking, the necessity of collaboration, and the rewards of leadership and community engagement.

LEAFers commit to school year projects following the Academy, through which students bring the leadership and eco-skills they've developed to actively engage their own communities. These projects, supported by LEAF staff, help foster real world skills while providing valuable public service and measurable outcomes.

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